Kilimanjaro Climbing with Tanzania Wildlife Safaris

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing is one of the first choice destinations for most mountaineers and trekkers in Africa and across many other parts of the world today. If you select and book a package from Tanzania Safari Vacation, you may get a chance to avail the itinerary at the best price.

Why the Ngorongoro Crater Safari should be on Your Bucket List

Not so many people who visit Tanzania know that the Ngorongoro area there is one of the premier destinations for wildlife safaris. It is also one of the UNESCO heritage sights where you get the highest chance of spotting the Big 5 or five of the most dangerous animals of the wild. Along with that, you can witness hippos, zebras, and wildebeests too. The Ngorongoro Crater attracts thousands of visitors each year for the world-famous safaris that are held there.

The Ngorongoro Crater Safari is no less than the safari at the Serengeti National Park. It is worth spending some extra pennies for this safari because it will always remain in your heart as a lifetime experience. Whether you are visiting Tanzania for your honeymoon or just as a trip, never miss out on the safari at the Ngorongoro Crater.

Some of the positive sides of going for this safari are as follows.

  • View Wildlife Year-Round

One of the best things about this safari is that you get the opportunity to view a wide range of wild animals and birds all year round.

  • Extensive Wildlife Species

If you want to witness an extensive range of wildlife species in one place, it is a must for you to go for this safari.

  • Witness the Masai Culture

Apart from Kilimanjaro Climbing, you must opt for the safari because it is the best way to see the culture of the Maasai community.

  • Spot Predators

The safari at the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania is the best place to spot predators which are otherwise difficult.

Best Package of Ngorongoro Crater Safari Tour

The most spectacular safari itineraries are those that include Ngorongoro Highland trekking safari. Mostly, it starts with a drive to the enchanted Ngorongoro Crater Safari with its truly amazing scenery. You may get a chance to choose the best trekking safari at a budget price with no hassle.

How Tanzania Wildlife Safaris Is An Unforgettable Travel Experience for Wild Lovers

You can now make the best of Tanzania safari? If you talk about Africa, then all you can remember is by adventure. The world’s most amazing sight which is found in Africa is its varied flora and fauna. Tanzania Wildlife Safaris is a tremendous and unforgettable experience with some mysterious places. You can find people surrounding the place, wildlife and landscapes that make Tanzania safari a most exciting tour. In this article, you’ll find some top features for any wild lover and you’ll get to know that Tanzania comes in the top list.

Some adventurous sports to add extra enjoyment

Tanzania safari is an exotic and mysterious safari destination and one who comes here is bound to experience wildlife and elevating culture that makes it score over many of the exciting spot. This makes the place popular not only in Africa rather worldwide. Being here, you’ll come across some of the best adventurous sports that include deep sea fishing, mountain climbing, caving, diving, camel safari, balloon safari and water sports. So, this adds an extra enjoyment to the journey of the Tanzania safaris.

Well accessible wildlife safari route

There are many places in Tanzania that are declared as the game reserves and national parks. It is the high reputation for being not unspoilt and crowded. The giant collection of the game sanctuary towards the northern region is called the Northern Circuit and is located to the border with Kenya. As to speak of, this place is well accessible wildlife safari route in the Tanzania. Now, its starting point is the town located near to the base of Mount Meru.

Discover fantastic attractions on this place

You can find numerous national parks covering the region of 300 sq km and on you visit you can be able to discover a number of animals that includes hyena, hippo, duikers, zebra, giraffe, hippo, buffalo, colobus, baboon and other varieties of antelopes.

Further, this place records more than four hundred of species of birds among which you’ll find Eurasians migrants as the most fantastic ones. The main attraction to this place is that you can step down from your vehicle and enjoy the nature walk. Here, the park is famous for the day trip as it is located near to Arusha.

Luxury African safari fit for honeymooners

Africa is particularly known for the wild life even if it home to recreational and amazing beaches ground that attracts tourists from far and wide. This place is among the countries that attract great number of tourism throughout the year where people from far and wide come to celebrate and enjoy various things among the marriage. They choose the Honeymooners Safaris meant for safaris perfect for honeymooners who look to add some adventure to their marriage.

It is easier to have a perfect honeymoon safari as you’ll find a range of site dedicated to help or customize in selecting the perfect package for safari as per the needs of the couples involved. All you need to do here is register with the service providers that give the travel consultant all the info you require for your ideal honeymoon getaway.

The bottom line

Finally, one making your booking you can avail a number of gift options with tremendous packages. Here, you’ll surely find something to meet you and your partner’s interest. You can spend wonderful time of the beautiful lodge or camp out with wild as you begin your marriage chapter. Besides that, you can get close to the wild and add some funny things over the beautiful island.

Your Desire for Safari Won’t Be Filled Without A Trip To Ngorongoro Crater

Are you looking for an incredible Tanzania safari? If yes, then you’ll find a large Ngorongoro region to experience if you believe. In Ngorongoro Crater Safari, you can find deep crater floors teaming with ponds, wildlife and pools. Here, you’ll get to witness the big group of buffalos, black rhino, leopards, rhinos, elephants and other endangered species. For bird lovers, this place holds a great range of species that aren’t even discovered in the adjacent National Parks. Few large birds that you’ll get to see here are secretary birds, ostriches, flamingos, etc.

Making your lodging accessible

Your Tanzania safari won’t be complete without a trip to Ngorongoro crater. The crater border is surrounded in a highland forest where lodging is accessible from different camps and lodges. When you enter here through the gate the area is well maintained leading like straight out of the Jurassic Park. Also, after you drive few kilometers to the crater border for lodging, you can have a glance through the forest of grassy, sunny, yellow open landscape in the horizon that is falling apart. Here, the contrast of green forest and cool weather makes it unbelievable and incredible.

Savor every moment along your way

If you are standing on the picturesque deck of the wildlife lodge, you can look down the crater wall of deep highland forest fading to a bare grassy landscape of the crater floor. Further, you’ll be able to find yourself inside a thick forest and mere sound and listen to the trees waving in the wind. The weather is cool here, however you’ll find sunny and hot and make yourself safe with vehicles slowing across the crater floor on your game drives. As such, you’ll feel just like standing there and savoring every moment along your way.

How embracing the nature makes good sense?

After it is quite dark or you may say evening time, it will turn out to be quite cold. In order to pass the evening, you can make good use of a telescope mounted on the deck and view well neighbouring galaxies, the magellanic cloud and beautiful Andromeda. You can also gaze at the vastness of the universe in a top rim of the collapsed crater. Let the night turn in and you’ll have to wait for morning to come and tour the crater floor. The scenery from close quarters and wildlife pictures won’t go out of your mind unless you take pictures and embrace the nature. So, if you are experiencing the best thing, Tanzania does offer you Ngorongoro crater tour to plate on your bucket list.

The best months to climb Kilimanjaro

The preferable time for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing differs from person to person. So, if you love trekking when it is less crowded in months like Jan, March, June & Oct; it will make a favourable outcome. When it comes to trekking, many enthusiast prefer having customized and exclusive experience. The remaining months seems suitable for those who don’t mind trekking even when it is crowded. But, in general, many avoid the rainy months as trekking during this time might turn out to be very much challenging.

The joy of climbing together

As humans, people differ from each other and so does their taste and preferences. While many enthusiasts love climbing along, but there are also many who look for company. Under such circumstances, pairing for climbing arrangement is made easy. You will find lot many opportunities to meet strangers who are equally interested in the climb and who can make trekking double for sure.

Book a Package from Tanzania Safari Vacation & Make your Trip Memorable

We at Tanzania Wildlife Safaris provide expert consultation and service for planning custom and tailor-made safaris in Tanzania mainland, Zanzibar beach holiday (Unguja), Pemba and Mafia Island. The safaris include family, budget camping safaris, luxury wildlife safaris, honeymooners safaris, photographic safaris, walking safaris and hot balloon safaris. Climbing to the highest peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and Mount Oldoinyo Lengai.

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris

You can now make the best of Tanzania safari? If you talk about Africa, then all you can remember is by adventure. The world’s most amazing sight which is found in Africa is its varied flora and fauna. Tanzania Wildlife Safarisis a tremendous and unforgettable experience with some mysterious places.

Beautiful Zanzibar Beach Holiday & Breathtaking Islands Are the One to Visit

You can now explore the jewels of Zanzibar if you are a beach lover. Tanzanian breathtaking islands, beautiful Zanzibar Beach Holiday and archipelago are the ones to visit. With incredible sceneries, and awe-inspiring views, this place is a must to visit. In this blog, you’ll find some beautiful beaches you should see while you’re visiting this incredible place.


Kendwa is situated to Nungwi and is a so called favourite of everyone in Zanzibar. This is a less happening and calm place making it the best relaxing spot for tourists. Taking dips in the turquoise water makes you feel good and enthusiastic. Being here you can catch the shade under a banda, a small shade hut and watch the sunset. With beach volleyballs, footballs and fun games, it will let you enjoy your day making memories.


If you’re interested in kite surfing, windsurfing and scuba diving, Paji is your place. This south east Zanzibar beach serves to be a wonderful spot to visit if you like to interact with tourists and swim in the ocean. With a good choice of bungalows, beach bars, and small restaurants, this spot is a must to go one.

#Ras Nungwi

This beach is special in its unique way and is perfect if you’re looking to swim ithout having to walk far into the sea, chasing the ocean. Ras Nungwi unlike the Eastern and Western coastline is blessed by not having to deal with high and low tide. Known for its likely party atmosphere, this place is incomparable to other beach destinations in the world. Even if it is surrounded by bars and club, the entire atmosphere remains chilled out and low key in the Zanzibari style.

Here’s something more of a kind

Apart from the beach news, we have got for you to grasp the thrilling and breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing.Being here you can decide your priorities and leave for the much desired climbing venture. Kilimanjaro has much to offer and is simply amusing. It happens to be the highest reward of all the trekker who can reach the top to see the view from the summit. It is possible to watch the planet curvature and you will be lucky enough to reach the summit if you watch out for a clear day.

We Highly Recommend Ngorongoro Crater Safari – It Is A Dream Destination for Trekkers

Find renowned lodges in Ngorongoro crater dotted all around the crater rim. Surely, this is the most breathtaking and serene location in Africa. For the less well healed, other accommodation exists within an easy drive for Ngorongoro Crater Safari. Also day trips are possible to the crater floor and as the safari holds spectacular excellence, it has become the hot spot that goes crowned all round the years.

What are the archeological discoveries?

As such, this place is highly recommended for clients that gives experience combining excellently with these destinations as well as others. So to speak, Nogorongoro safari is the wild life central where the geologists have stated some volcano originally found 1000m higher than Mt Kilimanjaro. Here, the volcanic eruption deposists ash to the west of Ngorongoro collapsing and cultivating the plans sustaining the birth of half a million wildebeests calves over an annual basis.

Further, the greater conservation region is home to many iconic tribes who have maintained their traditional lifestyle, with the influx of tourism and welcoming visitors into their house to subsidize the income. Being made for ideal preservation of fossil remains, it led the archeological discoveries of early human remains.

Here’s the best time to climb Kilimanjaro

If you are an adventurous by heart, you’d like to visit new places every year. In that case, Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is sure to be a thrilling experience for you. Being ranked as one of the tallest free standing mountain in the world, it abodes to adventure seekers and is a dream destination for trekkers all round the world.

Give some thought to the planning

Mt. Kilimanjaro has been a dream house for seasoned mountaineers. It showcases some of the most truly amazing sights with vast expanse and dense forest of the dry savannah. Apart from the snowy caldera, you can also find the dormant volcano that adds to the overall attraction. This helps you to wonder about the best time and when to climb the mountain. While many do not give much thought to the timing, and start their planning between their jam packed schedule; but to make the most of your climbing trip, you must choose a good time and make the most out of your trip.

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